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Things you need to know.

Just a few things that visitors should know before visiting The East Coast of Tasmania.

Need Help

In an emergency situation, Police, Fire and Ambulance services can be contacted on the one 3 digit number: 000. This is a free call. This number is only for emergencies a flat tyre is not an emergency.

Police assistance can be sought from your nearest police station, however, if you are uncertain of your nearest location, you can call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Random stuff

  • Along the East Coast of Tasmania Telstra and Optus have the best service. A lot of other service provides do not have service in these area's
  • Internet, while most of us do have internet, it will not be anything like you have at home. To us it is fine, but after travelling overseas and to some of the bigger cities, I have found that our little country towns internet service is very slow, so be patient we do our best to provide it to you, but it may not be what you are used to.
  •  The majority of towns around Tasmania stop serving food Early, So if you wan't to eat don't wait until 8pm. Most things will be shut.
  • When traveling in Tasmania don't judge your distance by how far you have to go, 100 kilometers will take way more than an hour, maybe 2 or 3 if you pick a really windy road, ask locals which roads to take this is always the best idea.
  •  Our roads are narrower than a lot of overseas countries, drive safely. 
    Driving safety
  •   Shortcuts are not always shortcuts.
  •  Never listen to the weather forecast, and be prepared for anything. I think this one is self-explanatory.
  •  When someone asks you what your Surname is, they mean your last name.
  •  If you want to sound Australian, all you have to do is shorten your words and add a “y’ to just about everything. Example:  Breakfast  - Brekky, Barbecue -  Barby. Biscuit - Bikky
  •  There aren’t kangaroos roaming the streets everywhere you go. Yes, you can find them if you travel out of cities in the bush, but finding one in a place like Brisbane would be like seeing a bear in New York City. When you drive along the East Coast of Tasmania at Dawn or dusk you are pretty sure to see some sort of native animals along the roads. GO SLOW or you will wreck your car.
  •  You do not need to take your shoes off when you go through airport security, and it makes the process of traveling much more convenient.
  •  Pies are not made with fruit. Instead, they have meat in them.
  • The sun is a lot stronger. Consider this your warning, and don’t think you can get away with SPF 8 . In Tasmania and most of Australia, even if the sun is not out and it is not hot You can burn. SLIP SLOP SLAP.-------- SLIP ON A SHIRT- SLOP ON THE SUNSCREEN - SLAP ON A HAT
  •  We drive on the left hand side of the road, if you are not used to this be VERY careful, a lot of accidents are caused by visitors driving on the wrong side of our roads.
  •  Be patient a lot of small businesses are understaffed or run by family's, if everyone is pleasant it makes your stay more enjoyable and your experience here will be much better.
  • Have fun, life is to short to not enjoy everything that happens on your trip. Things are surely going to go wrong, so look at it as part of your holiday experience.
  •  If you need help ask. Nobody cares about helping you out,


Road rules

All motorists drive on the left side of the road.

A 50km/h speed limit applies to urban streets unless otherwise signposted.

The maximum speed limit is 100km/h unless otherwise signposted.

Wearing a seatbelt at all times is mandatory for drivers and passengers.

Drivers must carry their drivers licence and produce it to a police officer if requested. Overseas visitors must carry an English translation of their licence.

Motorcyclists and bicycle riders must wear an approved helmet and are advised to wear reflective clothing for increased visibility.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle while using a mobile telephone. Please use a hands free device, or pull over safely to make or receive calls.

Many of our roads are narrow and winding, driving conditions may be different to what you are used to. Care and attention are advised, especially as we have many natural wonders to gaze at along your journey.



Drink/drug driving laws 

It is an offence to drive a vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs (prescription or illicit).

You are breaking the law if you drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol level over 0.05%.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you will be breaking the law if you drive with any alcohol in your body

Provisional, Learner or unlicensed drivers
Driving a vehicle with a gross mass exceeding 4.5 tonnes
Driving a vehicle designed and constructed to carry 13 or more adult passengers, including the driver
Driving a public passenger vehicle.

It is also illegal to drive a motor vehicle with illicit drugs in your blood. Our officers are equipped and authorised to stop and test anyone they suspect of driving under the influence. If a test proves positive for the presence of a drug you may be charged and fined.


Tobacco and smoking laws

It is illegal to sell, lend, give or supply any tobacco product to, or for the use of, any child. Tobacco can only be sold to persons over 18 years of age.

Smoke-free areas in Tasmania were established under the Public Health Act 1997. It is not permitted to smoke within indoor public places, including offices, shopping centres, factories, hospitals, bars, gaming areas, restaurants, corridors, toilets, function rooms and movie theatres.

There are penalties for people who smoke in smoke free areas.

Smoke-free vehicle laws ban smoking in vehicles carrying children under the age of 18. A $120 infringement notice can be issued on the spot for the offence.


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